Character Education Program

Character Education Program

Measurable & Complete Character Education Program For Teens ... That Really Works !!!


The Law of The Harvest is at work in middle school and high school classrooms across America teaching character education through real life lessons. Harold Morris uses his real life experiences to vividly illustrate the importance of making the right decisions early in life. Each student gets a copy of the book, which includes 10 separate 5 to 6 page chapters on character education that are taught one at a time and then measured by quizzes and discussion material included in the user-friendly teacher's guide. The Character Education Program concludes with a 33-minute video of Mr. Morris reinforcing the lessons from the book in front of 15,000 teens. This character education program fits into a regular curriculum and is typically taught in a once a week lesson for 10 weeks. Measurable, complete, powerful, and effective Teen Character Education Program THAT REALLY WORKS!!


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